Cell Phones For My Cause

Recycle for Rainforests

Goals for Recycle for Rainforests

Fundraising: $22464 of $25000

Phones Collected: 16833

The Minnesota Zoo wants to help you make a difference for endangered African animals and their rainforest habitats! Recycle for Rainforests was created in 2010 as a cell phone donation program that benefits field conservation efforts in Africa.  So far, the program has generated over $8,000 for the gorilla and chimpanzee conservation efforts of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project in the Republic of Congo!  Recycling your phone also helps reduce demand for minerals found in cell phones and some other electronics that are sometimes mined illegally and destructively in African rainforests. Learn more at www.mnzoo.org/cell.

You can donate here through Cellphones for my Cause, from the program's website at  www.mnzoo.org/cell, or by bringing your phones to one of the Minnesota Zoo's three cell phone receptacles located at the main entrance, the top of the Tropics Trail, and at the IMAX theater.

Recycle for Rainforests!